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Tips For Selling With Confidence!

Successful selling begins with good preparation. Before you make a sales call, take time to do o your research. Know a little history about the company and your prospect. Visit their web site. Do an Internet search using one of the main search engines such as Yahoo or Google. Look for recent press releases or other pertinent information. Pay attention to the company’s advertisements and marketing strategies. And don’t forget to check out their competition.

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Tips to Make Selling a Snap

There’s an old saying in business — nothing happens until you sell something. But in today’s economy, selling is tougher than ever before. Potential customers are under extreme pressure to do more with less money, less time and fewer resources. It’s tough to get in the door. Sales expert, Jill Konrath has the answers for […]

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Is Your Conference Travel Budget Tapped Out? Try a Virtual Summit.

The recession is taking a bite out of travel budgets for many small business owners. As a result, more and more of us are choosing not to attend trade shows and conferences this year. But what if you didn’t have to leave your office to participate in a ground-breaking summit offering inspiring keynote speakers, networking and great business learning events.

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