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CRM and Contact Management for Micro and Small Businesses

Have you ever tried to express the difficulty and frustration of getting a tough job done by saying that it was “like herding cats”? The reason cats are difficult to herd – should you ever be in that situation – is because they go all over the place; they won’t organize themselves into one “herdable” […]

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Marketing For Small Business — It’s All About Common Sense

Identifying the right marketing tools to reach your target customers is a challenge for every small-business owner. While going through all the critical steps to get to the point where you can open for business, many entrepreneurs don’t think ahead about how they’re going to get customers or clients to come through the door. It’s […]

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Dos and Don’ts for Your Vacation Auto-Response Email

It’s now officially summer and hopefully for many of you that means it’s time for a summer vacation.  Unless you plan on responding to emails during your time out of the office which defeats the purpose of taking a vacation, then you need to create an auto-response message. An auto-response message lets your customers, clients, […]

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